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WEEKLY #9: Welcome to Jamrock!

“Pick a country that begins with the same letter as your name.” In all my years of hating the fact that I was one of nine other Jessicas in my grade, today was a day that I couldn’t have been happier to be a Jessica. It meant I had license to explore Jamaica — the country from which  my mother’s side of the family hails.

Having spent time visiting Jamaica every summer as I grew up, I know a lot about the country and the culture. You can even check out photos from my most recent trip to the island in January 2010 in my Flickr feed.  But even knowing all that I do,  it was definitely interesting to explore the country’s blogosphere.

Visiting Global Voices allowed me to learn all about current affairs in the country. The range of writings was pretty vast and interesting. I was able to clearly see that many on the island are still concerned about neighboring island Haiti’s post-earthquake recovery. This is likely due to Jamaica’s own long history with natural disasters. There are a good number of blogs that focus on the accomplishments of Jamaicans in the arts. There was disturbing news about the country’s 463 murders in 104 days. And I got to see a serious look at the island’s current water shortage crisis, as well as a more trivial look at how that water shortage might affect the party scene (which plays a big part in Jamaican culture).

The blogs vary in subject, but a common theme is a desire to see the country do better. And I finds that this relates so weel to what I know about Jamaican culture. For all that’s wrong with the country, it’s politics, it’s crime, it’s economic system, the people there are proud. They are proud that their little island, with all of its shortcomings, has produced a people that is hard-working, resilient, and faithful. It has even produced one of the world’s biggest music superstars and the world’s fastest man. And I’m proud to be associated with this country, affectionately called “Jamrock.”

And now for your listening and viewing pleasure — my favorite song by the world-famous Jamaican artist, Bob Marley:


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