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RESPONSE #2: My Perfect Food

Reading Tracey’s recent blog post about her love affair with chocolate got me thinking about the one food item that I can’t imagine living without — cereal!

Yes, I know it might be a bit boring to some of you, but I could literally eat a bowl of cereal for every meal of the day. Cereal has been something I’ve loved since the beginning of time — or at least since I was old enough to chew. It began with Cheerios spread out on the tray of my high chair, which I’d pick up one at a time, using just my thumb and index finger (pinkies extended, of course). And it has evolved to a relationship where I never have less than three varieties in my pantry.


Being in love with cereal has been pretty advantageous when it comes to maintaining my weight. It’s not something I obsess over, but eating a bowl of cereal for dinner tends to ensure that I never go to sleep on a heavy stomach.  It’s basically my own version of the Reverse Diet. And if that’s not enough, my father-in-law always ensures me that if horses get fed cereal, and they’re as strong as they are, cereal must be good for you! (Thanks Pops!)

And loving cereal can’t be that crazy of a trend. Otherwise, why would there be multiple location of Cereality — a bar where you can mix as many cereals as you’d like? What I wouldn’t give to have one of these in my neck of the woods. The closest one used to be in Philly, but it closed down. Yelp users in Philly were a bit critical of how expensive the place was, and seeing as how I’m from the Philadelphia area (that’s the “Pennsyl” in “Pennsyljersington”), I guess I have to give some merit to their opinions. Perhaps this was one example where the niche marketing that Chris Anderson refers to in his book The Long Tail didn’t work out so well.

But maybe I won’t completely miss out. A friend called me a few weeks ago to let me know about this breaking news: a new spot called The Cereal Bowl has opened Cleveland Park. Guess who’s already “likes” them on Facebook? I’m thinking my first combo will be Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Special K, and Cap’n Crunch.


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